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What is mSpy? As its name implies, it hacks into a cell phone and sends back all information pertaining to the activities that are taking place on it. Essentially it is a bug and surveillance tool that uses the cell phone it is running on.

mSpy is a cell phone tracking software that will help users keep track of what’s going on with their target phone. Primarily mSpy is used as a safety and security application for any type of smartphone since it can detect all the activities of the phone user even in real time. It can spy on all the calls received and calls made, text messages that are received and are made, check on the contacts folder of the target phone, find out the browsing history of the smartphone as well as determine where the phone is through mSpy’s GPS tracking feature. All of these helpful features are available when you purchase mSpy.

Keep reading and you will see how to use mSpy cell phone tracking software and how the coupon code makes it even more possible.

Taking Advantage of Your mSpy Coupon Code

Applying the coupon code for your purchase of mSpy is easy. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose the subscription plan that fits your purpose.

The mSpy cell phone spy suite of tools comes priced at three different levels: Basic, Premium, and Business. It is further broken down by subscription length.

  • Basic: 1 month $39.99, 3 months $59.99
  • Premium: 1 month $69.99, 3 months $119.99, 6 months $149.99, 12 months $199.99
  • Business (includes 5 licenses): 6 months $499.95, 12 months $799.95

mspy price

Step 2: When the purchase page shows, enter your coupon code.

After pressing the “Buy Now” button, you will be directed to the shopping cart page where the items that you are about to purchase will be displayed. There will be an open field with text inside of it that says “Discount coupon.” It is here where you will enter the discount coupon code to get a 30% discount off of your package price.

Here is a link to grab your coupon code:

Step 3: Download, install, and activate mSpy app.

After making your purchase using the coupon code, you are ready to download and install the cell phone spy app to the phone that you will be monitoring. You’ll need to get control of the phone and it takes no more than 30 minutes to install the app.

Once the software is installed it will start sending all data pertaining to the device’s activities to the mSpy servers where it will be held for access and viewing through your private control panel.

What makes mSpy a Leader?

mspy appThe mSpy cell phone tracking software is a leader in the industry because of its key logging capability. More about this is discussed below. In addition to this feature, you’ll find that mSpy has capabilities to report activities on the monitored cell phone to include:

  1. Call log monitoring
  2. Capturing of SMS messages, emails, and instant messenger (IM) texts
  3. Tracking the device’s GPS location
  4. Logging of all websites visited on the monitored device
  5. Monitoring what is in the phone’s contacts file
  6. Logging of all keys pressed on the device
  7. Ready-to-run reports

The key logging capability of the mSpy app makes it stand out from others. To begin with, mSpy can capture a wide range of text messages from not only SMS and email but also IM apps such as Skype, iMessage (iPhone), Facebook Messenger, and Viber. The key logging capability captures all other text thus you can see any message going from the cell phone.

Who is behind mSpy?

The company behind mSpy is MTECHNOLOGY LTD. It is based in the U.K. and U.S. and has been in the business of making spy software for cell phones since 2010.

Contacting mSpy

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USA (Toll Free) + 1 800 713 7528
UK + 44 20 8133 8717
DE +49 3056 8370 0549
AU +1 800 613 043